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Weed Control

Maintaining a weed-free lawn or flower bed is easy when you leave your weed control to the lawn care professionals at Woodlawn Lawn Care. We offer a year-round weed control and prevention maintenance schedule to keep your Atoka property's lawn lush and lovely.

We strive to deliver the best customer service, to be true to our word, and to always treat our Atoka area lawn care and weed control customers the way we'd want to be treated.

Weed Management Experts

When you leave your lawn care to the weed management experts at Woodlawn Lawn Care, you'll save time, money, and hassle. Our weed management treatment program is targeted at strengthening your existing grass by preventing weeds from sprouting that rob your grass of vital nutrients and disrupt the pH balance.

Here at Woodlawn Lawn Care, we have the skills and treatments to get your lawn in prime health. In addition to our weed control programs improving the overall health of your grass, you may notice that you're cutting it significantly less. We offer expert weed control, mole control, and more for your Atoka property. Our customer satisfaction goal at Woodlawn Lawn Care is to exceed your expectations with a beautiful, healthy lawn.


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Weed Control To Keep Your Atoka Property's Flower Beds Beautiful

If you're worried about weeds in your flower beds, the lawn care specialists at Woodlawn Lawn Care are here to meet all your needs for customized weed control. No matter how large or small your Atoka lawn may be, we're fully committed to bettering the overall health of your flower beds one application at a time.

At Woodlawn Lawn Care, our knowledgeable and experienced horticulture technicians are fully trained and highly skilled in targeting all types of weeds and unwanted growth. Whether you need services for your flower beds at your Atoka home, business, or commercial property, the weed control pros at Woodlawn Lawn Care have you covered. Call us today to request weed control or lawn care for Atoka and the neighboring Tipton County communities.


Frequently Asked Weed Control Questions

The answer to your question depends upon the time of year that you have your weed control services. For springtime weed control treatments, if you need to cut your yard around the treatment time, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours after your treatment. This will give your weed control treatment time to activate. During the summer months, you can cut your grass immediately following your weed control treatment as long as you don't bag your clippings.

No one wants to spend their time pulling weeds out of their flower beds! The pros at Woodlawn Lawn Care offer expert flower bed weed control treatments to save you from the backache associated with removing pesky weeds. We custom-tailor our weed control treatment applications to give you beautiful, weed-free flower beds. To request a quote for services, call Woodlawn Lawn Care today at 901-475-1969.


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