Professional Grass Seeding Can Restore Your Atoka Turf

Professional Grass Seeding Can Restore Your Atoka Turf

Grass seeding is a budget-friendly alternative to sod replacement that can boost your Atoka lawn's overall health and beauty. If you've got issues with patchy growth, brown grass, or bare spots in your lawn, it's likely that your grass is suffering from damage or disease. If you're ready to restore the lush, green appearance of your grass, talk to your Atoka lawn care expert about the benefits of grass seeding!

Benefits Of Overseeding Your Grass

Industry professionals refer to grass seeding, lawn seeding, or overseeding and the process involves adding new grass seed to your existing turf. A few of the benefits of overseeding your grass include:

  • Improved color, thickness, and overall appearance of turf
  • Optimized root growth
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Enhanced water retention
  • Minimized risk of insects, weeds, and disease
  • Fewer chemicals or pesticides needed
  • Cost-effective

Grass seeding can thicken the density of your grass and improve the overall appearance of your lawn and the process is typically performed in late summer or early fall. It's best to seed your lawn after core aeration to improve seed-to-soil contact and allow nutrients and water to efficiently penetrate your Atoka property's soil.

The Lawn Seeding Process

The best time to apply grass seeding to your lawn is in the late summer or early fall when the soil is warm and the air is cool - this promotes just the right balance for germination. To prevent young grass seeds from having to compete with weeds, it's best to take care of lawn seeding in the fall rather than the spring. Immature grass seeds also survive better during winter and can endure the hot, dry summers when their roots are in a more mature state.

The lawn seeding process can be broken down into four basic steps:

  • Cut your lawn to a length of 3-3.5 inches
  • Perform core aeration to break up soil compaction
  • Broadcast seeds evenly for full coverage
  • Watering and maintenance

Your lawn care specialist will have the experience, equipment, and expertise to ensure that the job is done right.

A Trusted Lawn Care Professional For Your Atoka Grass Seeding Project

Since 1993, the horticulture specialists at Woodlawn Lawn Care have been improving lawn health and providing five-star lawn care for the Atoka area.

A few of the lawn care services we offer include:

  • Herbicide & Pesticide Application
  • Weed Control & Weed Management
  • Humane Mole Control
  • Grass Seeding & Overseeding
  • Core Aeration

Woodlawn Lawn Care is locally owned and family-operated and we strive to deliver the best customer service, to always be true to our word, and to treat our customers the way we'd want to be treated. To request grass seeding or other lawn care services for your home, business, or commercial property in the Atoka area, call Woodlawn Lawn Care today at 901-475-1969!